Safer Business Travel
& Duty of Care


We live in an increasingly global world; new markets are always on the horizon, and with new markets comes the need for expanded services. With business travel increasing, Duty of Care takes on increased importance. A related concept is the travel risk management program, which is a strategy to deliver Duty of Care to your employees.

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Beyond the legal and moral obligations of a Duty of Care program, establishing this kind of proactive program elevates your company beyond the daily concerns of travel expenses. With Duty of Care in place, companies not only ensure the safety of the employee, but also the more effective operation of their businesses.

In this whitepaper you will learn the importance of the following categories:

  • What is Duty of Care?
  • Identifying High-Risk Business Travel Locations
  • Establishing Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management
  • Evaluating Duty of Care Practices
  • Company Responsibilities