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What Type of Traveler Are You?

Everyone is different. If we weren’t, the world would be a pretty boring place. These differences come in all shapes and sizes. From political and religious views, to types of foods and social gatherings preferred, to how or why one likes to travel. Whether for business or pleasure, how one travels to a particular location can be as different as each of our unique fingerprints. Below are a few different types of travelers. Which one are you?

The Planner – Knowing the ins and outs of a destination ahead of time is key to a traveler that loves to plan. Figuring out the itinerary, even including an option for “free time,” helps planners relax and truly enjoy their destination(s). Whether mapping out the rides at Disney World or monuments to visit in Washington, D.C, having a grasp on what will happen and when is important to the planner. Planning can take time, but has purpose and can also result in an exciting trip where much is experienced and little is missed! Planning and “being in the know” also helps travelers avoid confusion when and if the trip doesn’t go as planned.

The Thrill Seeker/Adventurer – Those who crave far away, new, and adrenaline-driven travels are often thrill seekers – passionate risk-takers. Individuals who journey to uninhabited locations, explore unknown cultures, or try out extreme sports (such as skydiving) in remote locations, fit the bill. According to booking.com, “the yearning for experiences over material possessions continues to drive travelers’ desire for more incredible and memorable trips: 45% of travelers have a bucket list in mind and the majority of those will aim to tick one or more destinations off their list in the coming years.”

The Historian – Cities that hold secrets from hundreds of years to centuries ago are a draw for the historian traveler. Places like Rome, Greece, Montreal, China, and even New York. The ability to learn how a community was formed, how its citizens lived, and whether it survived or not, and why, are questions the historian traveler enjoys researching in person. Guided historical tours educate and teach travelers, further fueling their love of learning.

The Photographer – Often considered a visual collector of time and space, the travel photographer spends much of their travel time viewing the world through the lens of a camera. They see destinations differently than others might and document such with a picture. According to Travel & Leisure, a travel photographer has a way with the camera and understands what is required to “take the perfect shot.” It’s these images that often make their way around the world on social media (such as Instagram) and in print and have the ability to draw in the viewer with emotion and expression.

The Fashionista – Fashion for some defines who they are and is a true extension of their identity. Travel to places like Milan, Paris, and New York (the fashion trifecta) are always at the top of a fashionista traveler’s list and feed their soul. Acquiring unique or one-of-a-kind articles not accessible to them back home, makes it even more exciting, and allows them to express themselves even further. Whether visiting the Fashion Capital of the World, the first Haute Couture fashion house (House of Worth), or visiting a new and up-and-coming fashion district, this traveler looks for fashion to emulate their travels.

The Retreat Lover – Whether looking to reset, recharge, or recenter, the retreat lover is a deep individual always looking to stay balanced, and with a holistic approach. As the saying goes, the whole of one’s spiritual being is “body, mind, and soul” working in unison. Town and Country offers a list of 20 exceptional wellness retreats around the globe. From Spain to Utah to Italy to Costa Rica and beyond, there are options for everyone on their list.

Whether you are one of the above travelers or a combination, don’t forget that Dav El|BostonCoach is ready to take you wherever you need to go.

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