What to Do During a Layover

Layovers during travel are sometimes expected and sometimes are an unwelcome surprise. Unfortunately, some of our travel plans are at the mercy of many outside factors (weather, schedules, crowds, airlines, and so on), so, it’s important to always have a backup plan. Some are short enough to allow a restroom break and a brief stretch of the legs. Others, however, can be upwards of 6-8 hours long or worse, overnight. Here are some ideas for keeping busy during a layover:


Many airports these days have on-site gyms (with showers) that you can use. Not all of us have the ability to pack workout clothes, though, so, if you can’t fit in a hard-burning workout, think about walking the terminals and stretching your legs. Most, if not all, major airports these days have an art program and feature local and national artists within their terminals. A super way to expand your artistic knowledge and get in those steps.


These days, airports are filled with options for eating – from fast food to sit down meals, pizza to steak to sushi. There is something for everyone. Research your layover airport and get an idea of the restaurants that you can choose from in advance. Think carefully about a heavy meal though, especially if you have another long flight ahead of you.

Work Your Brain

If you never have the time at home to sit and read a good book, a layover is a perfect opportunity to do so. Put on some noise-canceling headphones and lose yourself in some fiction or beef up your mind with some history or an autobiography. Or, if you want, consider some crossword puzzles, brainteasers, or play a game on your device that will get your mind thinking.


If you find you have a much longer layover than anticipated and are in a city you haven’t visited, consider leaving the airport and exploring beyond the runways. Airports have lockers you can rent for your smaller belongings, and you can book a ride with Dav El|BostonCoach for a jaunt around town. Pick one to two sightseeing options and enjoy some culture.

Layovers CAN be mentally and physically exhausting, but they don’t have to be if you manage them correctly.