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Utilizing Chauffeured Car Service to Reduce the Stress of Business Travel

As the saying goes, “time is money,” and it’s no truer than for the business traveler. Whether traveling by train, plane, or automobile, travel can be time-consuming, resulting in less work and more stress. One significant way to decrease the stress around business travel is to use a car service.

Noted in our recent 2020 Business Travel Trends blog, corporate travelers also have a real concern about their business travel on the environment, leading them to consider train and auto travel more often. Although airlines are becoming increasingly more fuel-efficient, according to a recent article in the New York Times, global air travel emissions of greenhouse gas far exceed recent United Nations estimates. So, whether driving straight to your meeting destination, or in need of ground transportation to and from the airport or train station, chauffeured transportation is the way to go and the Dav El | BostonCoach mobile app is a great place to start.

Designed to make ground travel management more efficient, travelers can leave the ground transportation to Dav El | BostonCoach, while conducting business comfortably in the back seat of the car. The world’s largest private chauffeured transportation network, Dav El | BostonCoach services business travelers globally in more than 550 cities worldwide. So, it’s no wonder the company is trusted by over 400 of the Fortune 500 companies where duty of care and service always come first. And with booking options online, via app, and phone (live customer service), your needs are met how and when you decide.

Dav El | BostonCoach is also no stranger to being environmentally responsible. From vehicle choice, maintenance, and replacement schedule to ensure maximum vehicle performance and minimal fuel consumption, to a mandated reduction of no more than 30 seconds of idling time, and vehicle utilization, the company is always building efficiency into its corporate philosophy to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions. (Note: Annual carbon emission reports are available upon request by clients).

Another benefit of chauffeured car transportation is the ability to reduce stress. Instead of personally worrying about being on time to your final destination, a reliable car service will keep tabs on your transportation needs both to and from your destination, leaving you to maybe fine-tune that presentation you’ve been working on, conduct that long-awaited conference call, or even take a nap.

Chances are you may also have considered one of the many ride-share apps out there today. But with chauffeured transportation comes a lot more safety, confidence, and customer care. From highly credible, professional driver training programs like the Smith System, to drug screening, dependability, guaranteed comfort and insured, luxury vehicles. All areas that differentiate the two types of service and ultimately prove that chauffeured car service takes transportation quality seriously.

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