Top-Rated Airlines for International Travel

No matter how seasoned of an international traveler you are, each trip puts more wear and tear on your body. Therefore, it would be smart to choose only the top-rated airlines, all of which provide you with maximum comfort, relaxation, and ease. While cost is a factor, most top-rated airlines provide a minimum level of incredible amenities in all their classes of seats to remain popular for their clientele. The best international airlines, according to Travel & Leisure, include the following airlines as the top three. What sets all of the top airlines apart is their attention to service, comfortable cabins, customer care, and more.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines, which just began its longest route of 19 hours with a flight from Newark to Singapore, knows many a thing about long haul flights. It has been offering them for years and has developed the highest quality experience for its customers. It has held the top spot for 23 years, which tells you that its attention to detail and to any and all specific needs of its customers remain very important to the airline.

Emirates Airline

Holding strong at the number two spot is Emirates Airline, which provides its travelers with comfort at all levels, from check-in to departure to in-flight details. Feeling rested after a long international journey is crucial for both business travelers and those traveling for leisure, and Emirates provides that tenfold.

Qatar Airways

Maintaining its status as one of the best international airlines in the world is Qatar Airways, which continues to impress its customers with its attention to detail and prompt courteousness at all levels. Passengers note that the options for travel, including the new Qsuite business class, provide many ways to achieve a comfortable trip.

These are just a few of the top-rated airlines for international travel – make sure to book according to how you react to long haul trips. Perhaps one of these airlines will do the trick! Remember that for arriving at the airport on time and safely, book your ground transportation via Dav El | BostonCoach – the best choice for comfort and reliability.