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Top Five Tips for Stress-Free Car Service Travel

Following are some helpful tips from Dav El|BostonCoach on how travelers should properly book chauffeured car service:

  1. Book your car service ride in advance.  There is only one thing worse than an early morning flight and that is getting even less sleep since you spent the night awake worried about whether or not you will have a ride to the airport the following morning.  Make sure to book with a ground transportation company like Dav El|BostonCoach that takes advance reservations and provides a guaranteed on-time pickup policy so you know that your car will be there when you need it.
  2. Provide a credit card during the booking process to avoid having to search for cash at the end of your ride.  Nothing can be more frustrating than arriving at your final destination and then having to go searching for money to pay for the ride.  This rings true especially for international travel where you may not even have cash available in the local currency.
  3. If you have scheduled an airport pickup ride, make sure to provide accurate flight information to your ground transportation provider.  This way, they can track your flight and adjust your pickup time based on when your flight actually lands.  Additionally, if your flight gets cancelled the car service provider has the ability to reach out to you and confirm whether or not you still need the ride.
  4. Always provide your ground transportation with the mobile number of the passenger taking the ride.  By providing a mobile number, they can call the passenger if the need arises and they can send SMS messages to the passenger when the driver is on the way or on location.
  5. Book with a car service provider that quotes full ride prices before booking, to allow for full transparency. This helps avoid any unnecessary surprises once the ride is completed and billed.

Less travel stress equals a more enjoyable trip!

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