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The Best Dives for Drinks, Dinner and Dance in Boston

Sometimes the most memorable places to visit are off the beaten path. Below is a list of some of the many interesting such locations in good ole’ Beantown.

Bell in Hand

Considered one of the oldest taverns in America, the Bell in Hand has been serving downtown Bostonians since 1795. Besides the usual offerings of local beers on tap and live music, with dancing on the second floor, patrons can also enjoy a refreshing cider list and a typical down-home tavern menu of hearty burgers, steaming clam chowder, and New England oysters.

Croke Park

Self-proclaimed as “Boston’s #1 Dive Bar,” and reviewed on Yelp as “the most legit dive bar in Boston,” Croke Park (a.k.a. Whitey’s Pub to the locals) offers free pool, cheap drinks, and you can even bring your own food to quiet your stomach rumblings. Listed in 2016 by Esquire as one of the 18 Best Bars of America, Croke Park is nothing special to look at – especially with writing all over the wall – but it sure is a sight to see!

Lucky’s Lounge

A notable hidden eatery according to Forbes, Lucky’s Lounge in Boston’s Seaport District is one of the best speakeasy-style establishments around. With an underground, almost impossible entrance to find (a.k.a. discreet), going to Lucky’s Lounge is like going back in time.  With a vibrant cocktail menu, delicious comfort food, and a swing dance environment reminiscent of Sinatra with vinyl booths and dim lights, diners won’t last long before they find themselves on the packed dance floor.

The Daily Catch

Located in Boston’s famed North End, The Daily Catch seats only 20 and feels more like Sunday dinner in your nonna’s kitchen rather than a high-end dining experience. With wine provided in plastic juice cups, a blackboard menu, and cash only, the phenomenal seafood-based pasta dish menu (with calamari to die for) keeps patrons coming back for more, and more, and more!

Wink and Nod

With a rotating kitchen that changes every six months with a new restaurant chef and menu and a just as exciting cocktail list, including “black card” cocktails whipped up with high-end ingredients, Wink and Nod is nothing to sneer at according to Time Out Boston. With a monthly Scotch Club, and drinks like Jack and Diane, Born to Run, and Proud Mary, this South End establishment located below street level is a sure crowd-pleaser.

With more than 3,000 dining establishments in Boston, locals and visitors alike can easily find a number of palate-pleasing experiences. Just remember – the path less traveled is often the one that brings the most adventure.

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