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The Best Apps to Download for the Airport

It’s safe to say that airline travel is a good deal easier these days than in the past. In fact, we have almost TOO much information at our disposal, available almost immediately at the touch of our fingers. If you’re planning a trip and want to be as well informed as possible, we suggest weeding out the not so useful apps to download for the airport, and instead plug these into your smartphone instead.

Google Trips

Overall, Google Trips is a great app for any travel you take, as it can track all your reservations as well as link up with your Gmail and Google Drive docs and updates. It’s fast, helpful, and free. More info about its helpfulness can be found here.


This free app is filled with information about shops, restaurants, and other tips from airports around the U.S. and the world. With its good relationships with airport management companies, the information remains up to date and current.


If you’re a frequent traveler with good status, then you might have access to the airline lounges at airports. A comfortable way to spend some time during a layover and LoungeBuddy provides information on the location and amenities of airport lounges throughout the world based on your location. This app is also free.


This relatively new app is free and incredibly helpful in tracking security wait times. While there is rarely a time when there isn’t a wait, it is good to know what you’re in for before you head to the airport for your flight. Information is updated frequently so travelers are always ahead of the waiting game.

Dav El | BostonCoach

If you book and utilize ground transportation either getting to or going from the airport, the Dav El Boston Coach app is definitely one for you. You can track your driver’s progress and keep up to date on any changes, and, more importantly, your driver can track your flight and know if you are delayed. The lack of trickle down delays is welcome after a long flight.

Take advantage of the apps that are available for download to make your trip to, through, and from the airport a smoother and calmer one.



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