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The Best Apps for Flight Booking

Remember the days when you had to call an airline to book a flight and actually, gasp, speak with an agent? (If you don’t remember, consider yourself lucky!). These days, booking flights is ridiculously simple. It can be done with a few swipes and taps via the many apps that exist in the marketplace. Check out what we at Dav El | BostonCoach consider the best apps for flight booking:



Kayak is considered the gold standard app for flight booking (as well as hotels, cars, and cruises). The app will search hundreds of other booking sites to get you the best deal and makes it the entire process incredibly easy. You can set price alerts so you’ll be notified of any flight deals, and the site promises that you can “book with confidence with Price Forecast”.


Hopper is a great app for planning your flights as it will track and notify you of any price changes immediately. It will also predict when you might want to book your flight based on changes and fluctuations in the market. The bunny logo is cutesy, but Hopper does a great job of keeping you educated about your flight options and most especially, prices.


The Kiwi app is a great one for booking the cheapest flights possible – if you have a destination that requires it, you might need to book legs on separate airlines. Kiwi allows you to book all those flights in one spot via its app, saving you the stress of having to do what would feel like duplicate work. The app also has a nice interactive map feature that shows you the cost of flying to cities from your set home city.


Recommended by more than one source, Skyscanner offers comparison pricing for flights and promises no hidden fees for its services. Its interactive map and deals pages make the planning for a future trip or even a quick weekend getaway fun and easy.


Most, if not all, of these apps, are free to download and use. So check them out and see how booking flights and travel has gotten seamless and easier than ever.



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