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Planning a Travel Itinerary

Traveling in previous decades might have seen us call a travel agent, pull out a map, buy a guide book, or research in the library. Fortunately, in today’s day and age, all the tools you might need to plan a trip are at the touch of your fingertips or the swipe of a screen. Planning a travel itinerary has never been so intuitive or user-friendly.

Before starting any travel planning, a great resource for planning and mapping out ideas is Pinterest. You can create specific boards for your travel and pin various images or website links to browse through. It’s a great way to take all the options out on the internet and organize them to your liking. Similar to Pinterest is TripIt.

Once you’ve started your travel planning and want to set up a specific itinerary, there are several good websites/apps you can choose from to make your life easier. One of our favorites is Sygic Travel. Just type in where and when you’re going and for how long, and Sygic will create a sample “Daily Plan” with the location’s best points of interest, best days to go to specific locations, and more. It’s easy and fun to use.

Blink is a useful tool for finding sightseeing locations that go along with your travel itinerary. Reminiscent of apps that let you swipe left or right, once you upload your destination, all the sightseeing spots will show up, and you can browse and swipe to save (or delete) the spots that you’d like to go to. You can do it in advance or even on the go.

Finally, having consistent ground transportation like Dav El|BostonCoach can put your mind at ease and make your travel itinerary planning even easier. Book a ride around town or to and from the airport, and you can be confident you’ll have safe and on-time travel, every time.

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