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Packing for an Overnight Business Trip

Unlike days of the past, it’s not a college road trip, and you need more than just a toothbrush. An overnight business trip is an opportunity to get on the road, close a deal, attend a meeting, or meet with colleagues – it requires a professional look and feel. But with such a short time frame, packing can be a challenge. You don’t want to pack too little and be unprepared. But overthinking the packing can send you into a tailspin. Here are some ideas for how to pack well for an overnight business trip.


This is pretty standard: pack only what you need and in a piece of luggage that you can carry on the airplane. Purchase packing cubes to organize your underclothes, toiletries, overnight wear, a change of casual clothes, and anything else you might bring along. Besides your piece of luggage, carry your purse, briefcase/backpack, and laptop in your personal item carry-on. You can slip in a book, reading materials, or headphones into the same bag and be on the go as soon as your flight lands.

Business Wear

If you’re flying directly to your meeting, plan to wear your business clothes on the flight. Plan for shoes that are professional but also comfortable. If your meeting is after you arrive and/or the next day, pack your business clothes carefully (hint: keep them in their dry-cleaning plastic bags to prevent wrinkles) and immediately hang them up after arriving at your hotel.

Evening Meal/Overnight

If you have a meal planned with colleagues, think about how your business meeting attire can be switched up with accessories to make it appear to be an entirely different outfit. Jewelry, scarves, collared shirts, sweaters, etc. are all great ways to make your appearance seem entirely different. Overnight, plan on sleeping in something light.


When packing toiletries, remember size restrictions! Also, all hotels have hairdryers and basic toiletry items on hand, so you can pretty much forego the day-to-day ritual items and save packing space knowing those items are readily available. And if they aren’t in your room, you more times than not can call down to the front desk and request them.

Finally, save even more time and be stress-free and book a ride to and from the airport with Dav El|BostonCoach for a professional, safe, and reliable ride.

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