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How To Pack Light For Extended Business Trips  

Sometimes, there’s no avoiding it: an extended business trip.  If you’ve experienced it before, then we applaud you, as you’ve probably picked up a few tips and tricks along the way as to how to pack effectively for your needs.

But for the majority of business travelers, an extended trip can be an unexpected surprise that comes with challenges – and packing lightly for said trip is among the biggest challenges you will face. We suggest a few of the following ideas that should make your packing situation easier:


Pick The Right Suitcase

To save yourself time (and money), we suggest planning to carry on your luggage at all times. This can definitely pose difficulties if you’ll be on the road for a long period of time but isn’t unavoidable. Pick the largest size suitcase that most airlines will allow as a carry-on. Currently, that measurement is 22 inches x 13 inches x 9 inches. Double check with your airline, of course, to make sure you are in the clear. Pick a suitcase that is well made, durable, has a good rolling system, and a comfortable handle.


Packing Lightly and With Care

Go with a neutral base color for all your outfits. Black is the safest choice! It will match with anything and can transition easily from day to night. Plan to pack only two pairs of shoes – one formal that you can wear to meetings but also out in the evening, and another that can work as both a comfortable exercise shoe but that is also attractive (I.e. not your running shoes).

You will really only need two pairs of pants for the week, in addition to one pair of jeans. Think about packing accessories (scarves, jewelry, watches, belts, socks, etc.) that can be packed into small corners of your suitcase – these little touches can change your outfit and make it look entirely different. When packing, roll your casual clothes and underclothes, and tuck them closely together. They will look less rumpled this way.


Laundry Will Happen

It’s inevitable but worth the cost: hotel laundry. Packing lightly means you will have to have clothes laundered, but, it’s worth it for the minimalist suitcase you’ll be traveling with!


Personal Item Importance  

Most airlines allow you to take one carry on and one personal item. Make that personal item count! Get a backpack that fits your laptop, a book, and your purse (downsize to a travel purse) and you have a lot of extra space immediately. You can also store your small sized toiletries in there so they won’t potentially open in your carry on.


Packing lightly is a possibility – keep our Dav El | BostonCoach tips in mind, and you’ll have no trouble getting through a week (or more) on the road!


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