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Navigating the Nation’s Capital

If you’ve ever visited our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., then you know that it’s not exactly the easiest city to navigate. The architect who designed the city’s grid (Pierre L’Enfant) did so specifically in a planned Baroque style, with the streets laid out with both numbers and letters intersecting with diagonal streets named after states and historical figures, creating diamond-shaped patterns throughout. For a first-time visitor, it can be…confusing, to say the least. To navigate the D.C. streets, we offer a few ideas that you might want to bear in mind:

Utilize an Expert

If you’re in D.C. for an important meeting and don’t want to get lost or confused on your way, book expert ground transportation. Luckily, Dav El|BostonCoach has high quality chauffeured transportation available in the nation’s capital; from the airport, your hotel, your office building, or anywhere you happen to be. Use the app for quick service and you won’t even have to think about why there is no street named after the letter “J”.

Use the Metro

Washington D.C.’s metro system is one of the busiest in the world, and extends far beyond the D.C. lines into bordering Maryland and Virginia. Prep in advance to use the metro to get around. It’s convenient, relatively quick and inexpensive. You won’t have to worry about turning down a one-way street or getting stuck on a road that changes its lane numbers based on time of day. Plus, no stress about finding a parking spot!

Walk Around

If you’re staying in the heart of D.C., then you might be lucky enough to have all your meetings or events near your hotel. If that’s the case, then there will also be plenty of dining options nearby too. So why not consider walking? D.C. streets are very accommodating to pedestrians, and any time of day, you’ll see lots of commuters and tourists taking in the city by foot. Pack your sneaks and spend some extra time taking in the monuments and museums (most of which are free thanks to the Smithsonian Institution) in addition to important work-related matters.

However you choose to get around our nation’s capital, give yourself the time and patience to figure out the city streets before you head out. Download a map, study it in advance, and then, enjoy a jaunt, stroll, or ride around town.

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