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Miami – Weather In the Winter And How to Make The Most of it

Is there ever a less than ideal time to visit Miami? Most people would answer “no”. But there is a definite advantage to visiting Miami in the winter. The temperature averages in the mid-70s (mid-60s at night) which makes it perfect for those who need a respite from the snow and cold temperatures in other parts of the world.

While native Floridians might consider winter temperatures “cool”, visitors and tourists revel in the lovely breezes, blue skies, and ability to be outside in flip-flops in the dead of winter. Botanical gardens are open for visits, and fresh fruit grows in abundance.

Miami’s Art Deco architecture and colorful history make it a great place to visit, as does its nightlife and cultural outlets. A visit in the winter provides a fantastic way to visit many sightseeing locations all day long, as you won’t find the need to escape the heat mid-day.

Visiting Miami in the winter also gives you access to many unique holiday and winter traditions, including holiday evenings at museums, a celebration at the country’s first cageless zoo, and many others.

While it might seem that there’s no question about visiting Miami during the winter, beware the many others who agree with your decision. Not only will be it be crowded at the well-known tourist and party spots, but hotel prices are typically much higher. Scoring a decent rate early is the best way to go.

It’s not hard to make the most of Miami’s winter weather – it’s practically perfect. Just plan carefully: book a hotel and flight early, and head south with a plan to be creative in your activities and outings to avoid too many crowds. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to book ground transportation with Dav El | BostonCoach for airport transfers and group outings around the town.


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