How to Reclaim Lost Items Quickly While Traveling

Although there are many checks and balances to avoid losing your luggage while traveling, it still sometimes happens. A situation that is bound to be frustrating, reacquiring your luggage, lost phone charger, carry-on, and more, can be dealt with easily and swiftly.

From the Airport

With more than 2+million bags mishandled a year, a surprising decrease from years past, it’s important you know who to contact if you become one of the unlucky ones. the first thing you should do is alert a service representative. You may be tempted to jet off to your hotel and place a claim through the automated phone system, but this will likely increase your frustration. If possible, fill out all the necessary paperwork while you’re at the airport so it gets filed right away. Ask for a copy of the documents and make sure you get a bag claim number that will help you navigate further communications with airport reps. Once you’ve filed a claim, the best thing to do is continue on to your destination, but continue to remain proactive about finding your luggage. If you don’t hear anything in the following 12 hours, call the airline for an update. The vast majority of misplaced bags are quickly identified and delivered to their proper destination.

From a Hotel

Recovering lost items has been a problem in the hospitality industry for many years, and some hotels have chosen to automate the process through sites like The first thing you should do when you realize something got left behind at your hotel is double- and triple-check your bags. However, often people go through the claims process and send hotel staff searching, only to find their charger, or child’s favorite toy, was stashed deep in their suitcase. The first time you forget a bag or miscellaneous item such as a charger at a hotel, it’s important you give the hotel as many details as possible, and as soon as possible. Such as the color of the item, where you last remember seeing it, and so on. The more detailed your description, the more likely your lost items will be found and returned in a quick and efficient manner.

Once the hotel locates your property, they’ll arrange for it to be shipped back to you. Be sure they have your up-to-date contact information so the item doesn’t get misplaced again.

From a Car Service

It’s not uncommon for busy businesspeople to leave behind phones, wallets and other items when they rush out of their vehicle to their meeting or flight. If you leave behind something in a cab, you’ll probably have to jump through a number of hoops to get it back, but start by filing a claim with the regional Taxi and Limousine Commission. You’ll likely need the taxi driver’s name and license plate number, which many travelers don’t think to jot down. In terms of riding with a service such as Dav El|BostonCoach, it’s easy to reclaim property that you may have left behind. Start by calling our customer service line. From there we can easily look up your trip information, then reach out to the driver immediately, and track the progress of your lost item.

Losing something you love or simply belongs to you is never a good thing, but knowing how to be reunited with your item is an important step in the process.