Holiday Travel Tips: Best and Worst Days to Go

You can expect that the airports will be busy around major holidays, especially in December. Add in troublesome weather and travel can be busier with more delays. But there are some tricks of the trade for planning your trip – picking specific dates might make your life easier and your travels much smoother.

Worst Days

First, the bad news. While spending the most time with family and friends is ideal, it won’t get you the least expensive prices. Traveling on December 22 and December 29 or 30th, according to Insider, are the worst options. The most expensive flights are on those days because that’s when everyone can plan their time away. If you must fly on any of those dates, don’t delay in booking a flight. If you book anything less than 4 weeks out, you’ll be paying premium prices.

Best Days

With travelers clamoring for the above dates for travel, the best days are often the ones you don’t think about – but December 24 and 25 are hands down the best days to travel. The airports are still operating but they are quieter. Flights are less expensive and there are fewer people. You might miss out on time with your family but if you are flexible with your celebrations then choosing these dates for your travel can make the most sense financially.

Traveling around the holidays will never be the least expensive options if compared to other times of the year. But if traveling to see family and friends and celebrating holidays is important to you, but so is your budget, you can make it work by taking advantage of options. And booking ground transportation to and from the airport via Dav El | BostonCoach can make your travels even easier and less stressful. Happy Holidays!