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Flying First Class vs. Business Class

When it comes to flying, First Class and Business Class are often confused with one another. These classes often vary depending on your airline and type of flight, but we’ve put together a general comparison of the two, to give you a better understanding for when you book your next flight.

Business Class

Business Class is typically a step up from Coach or Economy Class and is cheaper than First Class. The amenities of Business Class often include upgraded meals and drinks, unlimited alcoholic beverages, and enhanced, comfortable seating.

When flying internationally, you can expect to see a vast distinction from Business to Economy class seating, with reclining and spacious seats. However, for some domestic flights, the difference between Business and Economy class can be very minute and simply boils down to something as little as more legroom.

First Class

First Class is higher than Business Class. If a super-comfortable, luxurious flight is what you’re looking for, then book a First Class ticket. When flying First Class, you’ll experience a full-reclining seat that can act as a bed, unlimited alcoholic beverages, and the best food your airline has to offer. Some airlines even allow you to take showers when flying First Class! First Class is usually much less crowded than Business Class.

Common Similarities

Although different, First and Business Class share some similarities, and some airlines even merge the two classes! A few key similarities include the following:

  • Unique mileage perks and rewards points
  • Comfortable seating
  • Private lounge access in the terminal before boarding plane
  • Overall greater customer service and a more enjoyable flight!


Enjoy Your Flight

This was just a general overview of the differences between flying First Class and Business Class. It’s important to remember that these classes differ depending on which airline you fly, and also if you’re flying domestic or international. Always remember to do your research before booking your flight!

Whether you choose to fly First or Business Class, please leave your ground transportation and airport pickup to Dav El | BostonCoach. Available for airport pickup and city navigation, you can book your trip at any time and be guaranteed an on-time trip.

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