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Destination Corporate Retreats and Client Meetings

Planning an effective yet fun corporate retreat (or client meeting) is made all the more challenging (but more fun!) when it is at a remote destination. That destination could be a local hotel in your city or near the airport (to make travel easy for your clients) or at a far-flung destination requiring a good amount of event planning and forethought. In any case, it’s important to plan for specific parameters for the retreat or meeting and to have an expectation for the end result.

Utilize a Corporate Event Management Company

If you’re heading to a city where you’ve never been, it’s best to employ an outside corporate event management company that is located in the city itself. They will best know the ins and outs of the area and can make recommendations and do negotiations for group outings on your behalf.

Set A Meeting Schedule Based on What’s Available

You might need to be flexible in your destination planning – it’s quite possible that the same amenities you expect at your home office location won’t be available at a different and remote location. Be upfront with your contact about what you need and work with them to make the meeting or retreat the best possible, no matter how different the circumstances might present.

Outline Expectations

If your expectation is to set the marketing plan for the next year, pick a theme that goes with what you want to accomplish. Embracing the interesting parts of the destination you’ll be traveling to can help guide on your path to having a successful event.

It’s also important to reiterate to your employees that they are on company time at a retreat or an offsite client meeting. Their behavior 100% reflects on the company. It’s important to reiterate that there’s a time for business and a time for fun, separately.


Planning a destination corporate retreat can be a fun but exhaustive process – employ outside help and set expectations and it will be a success. Be sure to book your ground transportation with Dav El | BostonCoach – the leader in safe, secure, and on-time business and corporate travel.


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