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Benefits of Off-Peak Travel

Off-peak travel, aka at a time when demand is lower, is a great way to take advantage of less expensive flights, fewer crowds, and more options for hotels and getaways. Granted, the cons are that, typically, the trip is during less than ideal weather, for example. But this doesn’t necessarily make for a less than blissful trip. It just means being more creative with your destination and managing your expectations.

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Good. Because then you can take advantage of flights that are not the most popular time-wise. If you want to save money on a trip and airfare is a pressing issue, consider the red-eye flight or an incredibly early morning flight, and choose a non-weekend day to do so. You can save considerable amounts of money for a minor inconvenience if your schedule allows such flexibility.

Rainy season? If you want to visit a far-flung exotic location, but can’t afford to go during peak season, then consider planning a trip right on the edge of the peak season – a week or two before or after. Your weather might not be as perfect as peak seasons typically offers, but the cost will be lower for a hotel and other tourist attractions. Do check in advance however to make sure key attractions are still open during your travel time.

Train or road trip? Definitely don’t hit the open road during rush hours – if you can, travel mid-morning to mid-afternoon, or, as some people choose, in the middle of the night. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it can make your trip a lot less stressful and quite frankly, shorter from point A to B.

By general rule, consider off-peak trips as times when it goes against all popular thinking. So, while visiting the Caribbean in mid-summer may result in experiencing warmer than average temperatures, if you are flexible about taking a siesta mid-day, or spending a bit more time in the pool or ocean, you’ll be able to enjoy your destination of choice like everyone else.

Being creative with your options and choices will yield the best return on investment for your off-peak travel and may even become an annual event!

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