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Arranging Your Corporate Executives Business Travel: 2018 Trends

Business travel is part of the job for many employees, and having the particulars managed by travel managers makes life easier for those involved. But 2018 is seeing a shift away from traditional travel booking — today’s trends are starting to revolve around mobile bookings, Artificial Intelligence (AI), alternative lodging, and more.

Mobile and Self-Booking

The ease and convenience of multiple apps and websites for booking travel has never been better. Catering to this option gives business travelers a greater feeling of control. Look into apps and websites that allow self-booking but that also gives you, the travel manager, some oversight in case changes need to occur throughout a business trip. Having a corporate credit card for payment also allows travelers the freedom to book their own travel yet gives you the ability to track any travel financials.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

When speaking about Artificial Intelligence, we aren’t talking about robots. Various apps on the market are incredibly useful technological advancements for predicting airline prices and hotel rooms. You can input your filters and parameters and get an idea for convenient prices and availability. Keeping track of your corporate executives travel schedule in combination with AI capabilities will enhance their ease and keep your budget in line.

Alternative Lodging

So many more options are out there for lodging these days. Gone are the days where business travelers rely solely on hotel room availability (plus the cost of hotel rooms is continuing to rise!). Now you can book rooms on Airbnb, VRBO, and other options. Cost-wise, they are very similar, and it gives travelers a different perspective on trips.

Cyber Security

According to Forbes’ “60 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018”, cybersecurity in travel will be critical for 2018. Keeping data safe for business travelers will be crucial, and it’s important for business travel managers to educate employees on their personal and professional safety. Here are some important tips for keeping safe on the road.

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Keeping up with travel industry trends for your corporate business travelers is important to make their travel experience as positive as possible and streamline your work and make it more effective. Utilize these tips to make your operations work as smoothly as possible.



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